Monday, August 28, 2006

More Odds and Ends

So the first full week of school was a whirlwind of re-scheduling and activity. Whew! Lincoln calls their Homeroom period "Primetime" and after 8 days of school Cooper is on his third Primetime class. I think they've settled in now, and he is happy with the result.

His French for Dummies class has been greatly improved by being re-jiggered into a class of 5. There is one other freshman and three sophomores in what is billed as French I/II. The best part is, it is being taught by a terrific woman who will hopefully make up the lost ground from last year's disastrous turn with a strange and terrible teacher.

Since Coop has no interest in learning French (it's a school requirement), it's a joy to see him come home excited because the teacher had plastic food for them to play with and identify in French.

He is happy, so we are happy, and when we met the teacher on back to school night, she was such a refreshing change from last year's nightmare we almost cried with relief. Trading French Class war stories with parents who had kids in his French class last year has become a hobby at LCS- what a wild ride that was!

Here is our own student with his mascot Elliot, ostensibly reading for English class. (If you look REAL close you can see the scar from last year's mystery bite on his left ankle. He is inexplicably proud of it.)

Moving from Odd to End, here's a shot of the only interesting birds we have seen in Ghana. I'm sure there are better birds out in the bush, or maybe nearer the lake, but in our lovely flowering urban garden, these are the the only birds with color that we ever see.

This couple likes to hang out in the bush outside our bedroom window, so I snapped a shot of them one day while they groomed each other.

And that pretty much wraps up the last week or so. Busy times, but not necessarily interesting times as we get settled back into the school routine.