Monday, July 03, 2006


Well, Ghana's hopes of World Cup Domination were dashed on the shores of Brazil, but we are so proud of our Black Stars!

The country was awash in flags, lanyards and goofy hats. Duke brought us a flag (he was wearing his as a cape) and here's Cooper in his goofy hat.

If you watched any of the World Cup games, you saw the terrific Ghanaian sportsmanship, unlike some other teams who shall remain nameless (but whose name rhymes with Shmittaly). Because that's the way Ghanaians are in their everyday lives- kind, gentle, concerned with others (except of course, when driving, but none of us is perfect).

And I thought Ghana passed the ball really well.

And they have pretty good ball control.

So they have four years to work on those goal shots. They can get the ball and get it to the opposing goal- they just have to figure out how to get it past that pesky goalie!

Anyway, for a first try at the World Cup it was a darned good one.

And even though it wouldn't have changed the outcome, that Brazilian in our third and final game was SO offsides. If there is one thing we learned from the season Ted spent coaching Cooper's team, it was offsides.

When I took plantain chips and cokes out to the guard shack at halftime (Mark and Stephen were watching on our extra TV there because Stephen wouldn't leave his post and Mark was keeping him company), I was ranting about the missed call and Stephen laughed and said,

"See, even Madame knows it was offsides!"

He was so pleased with me.

Just wait 'til 2010!