Sunday, July 30, 2006

Odds and Ends

Two things I thought you would like to know.

First, the recent Miss Universe Pageant.

We didn't get the telecast here, but a friend (thanks Jill!) told me that Miss Ghana was voted Miss Congeniality for 2006. Faithful readers will not be surprised, but it's nice to have outside validation of my perception of Ghanaians as the friendly, gentle people they are.

Yay Ghana! (and note that this beauty is also 6'2" tall! I am by no means a terrifically tall person in this country at just 6' tall.)

(photo courtesy Miss Universe Inc.)

Second, here is a picture of our house taken from a satellite!

We are the red roof at the top of the page. The house was still under construction, and if you squint you can see that there is no landscaping, the pool is empty and the driveway and guard shack are unfinished. I included the dirt road at the very bottom (it goes in front of the other red roofed house) because that's the one in the last posting about dirt roads (the one with the guy in red and the big rock on the right side). :-)

The top end of the house is the LR and the bottom end, right side is Cooper's room. The kitchen is right where the house juts out below the pool.

That concludes today's odds and ends. Hope you enjoyed them!