Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Persistence Pays...

It's official! I'm official!

After a year and a half and three renewals of my temporary Ghanaian Driver's License, today they issued my permanent one. Hooray!

And Duke and I only had to sit in the DMV for an hour and a half, watching the little window, waiting for the lady who showed up every 20 minutes or so with a handful of papers to call out my name.

I had figured the delay in getting my permanent license was Obroni-related. That they figured I was just here on vacation or something and didn't want to put themselves out for a casual visitor, but we talked to a Ghanaian man there today who has been waiting more than two years for his, and some others who have waited almost as long as me, and we left before we saw if they got their licenses or just another renewal, so...

Apparently it has more to do with bureaucracy than anything as organized as resident alien redlining. :-)

The bestest part is that Ted applied for his before me- a couple of months before me.
And still doesn't have his. I told him next time he goes in (December) to tell them he is with me. Apparently I have pull.