Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Simple Solutions

So Monday morning, Ted's company car wouldn't start (again) and he needed to take my new (to me), 13 year old (reliable) Opel beater to work.


We assumed the problem with the company car was the battery (again), so once he dropped Coop off at school and got to work,
he sent Duke back to the house. He had taken money with to give Duke so he could go buy a set of jumper cables since this is apparently an ongoing problem with the company's crappy car (hereafter referred to as the Honda).

Duke didn't take the money, he just smiled at Ted and came on up to the house. When he got here, he raised the hood on the Honda, unscrewed the coupling for the post connections and removed the battery. Then he raised the hood on my little Opel, did the same thing, and put my battery in the Honda.

He started the Honda, then did everything in reverse.


We don't need no steenkin' jumper cables. For all we know, there isn't any sucha' thing in Ghana. Who needs a jump start when you can just switch batteries? It even eliminates that pesky 'negative or positive first', 'am I gonna blow up?' question.

Somedays, we feel like babes in the woods. ;-)