Monday, January 23, 2006

Africa in Bloom!

This entry is for the people who wonder about the flora here. I know it's the dead of winter for most of you and figured you would appreciate my equatorial garden ("my" being a term I use very loosely, since I didn't plant it, don't cultivate it, prune it, water it, or take care of it in any way. But it
is in my yard, and I do pay the man who makes it happen. That has to encompass "my" somehow...).

I snapped a picture of every single type of bloom we have right now, except the marigolds. Why not the marigolds you ask? Because you all know what they look like and because I detest marigolds. They are stupid and gold and ugly and if you like them, I hope you plant lots and lots in
your garden. Just don't send me pictures of them, please. :-)

Each of these pictures can be viewed larger if you click on them. That will make some of them blurry of course, but that's the breaks. You can have focus, or you can have detail. Sometimes you can have both, just not always.

What I haven't seen much evidence of is bees. Surely they are here to pollinate all this glorious color, but they don't buzz around much if they are.

All this stuff has pretty much been in bloom since we moved in last June. It just keeps going. And growing.