Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Our Duke

Duke and Cooper

It's been pretty quiet around here. Traffic is getting hectic and increasing daily- apparently the holiday season brings people into the capital from all over the country, not all of whom know where they are going and many of whom are totally inexperienced driving in traffic. Whoops! The drive to Cooper's school has gone from 15 minutes to sometimes 30 minutes because of the increase in (clueless) traffic, and Duke (our driver) is frantic about us driving ourselves until after January.

He knows we will anyway, but he keeps saying-

"You should let me drive you now. Too many people who don't know how to drive well. Too many people. Too much traffic."

He worries about us. :-) Duke was recounting to me a discussion he had with the other drivers, and told them-

"I want to drive for them all the days of my life!"

We get all warm and fuzzy when he says stuff like that. He is the best, and such a safe driver, and he is so concerned that Cooper never have to wait around for him at school- he is always there in plenty of time no matter what Cooper's schedule is. As Duke says-

"I do not want my boy to come out of the school and look around and say, 'Where is my Duke?'"

Like I've never made him hang out waiting for me at school in the U.S.. But when I tell Duke that Cooper can cool his heels without harm, he just laughs like I'm always such a kidder.